Boxed software has 'em, now the web does too.


"system requirements" is printed on the side of nearly every piece of packaged software on the planet.

But on the web we still build like it's 1999.

I thoroughly believe that in a lot of cases you get what you tolerate and we've been putting up with backward compatibility for ages and thus, crippling the awesomeness that is the web.

Let's build for the future of the web, not its past.

  1. Optionally start with a string of minimium browser versions
  2. Pass in any number of tests, these could be Modernizr tests, etc
  3. Finally pass the URL to redirect to if requirements are not met

** examples: **

// a set of acceptable browsers, and a string for where to go if you fail 
systemRequirements('chrome 25+ or firefox 20+ or safari 3+', '/system-requirements');
// a string of browsers, arbitrary tests, and a url 
var someFunction = function () {return true;}
systemRequirements('chrome 25+ or firefox 20+ or safari 3+', someFunction, someFunction, '/system-requirements');
// or just tests and a fail url 
var someFunction = function () {return true;}
systemRequirements(someFunction, '/system-requirements');
// you could have 50 tests, doesn't matter. Just as long as the last item is a fail url 
var someTest = function () {return true;};
systemRequirements(someTest, someTest, someTest, someTest, someTest, someTest, '/system-requirements');

That's it, that's all there is to it.

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