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A synchronous Fibers-powered memcached store for SyncCache module


Synchronous Fibers-powered Memcached store for sync-cache. The store use syncho to retrieve data "synchronously" from memcached so the code needs to run in a Fiber.

npm install sync-memcached-store --save
var Sync = require('syncho')
    , SyncCache = require('sync-cache')
    , MC = require('sync-memcached-store')
    , mc = new MC({uri: 'localhost:11211', maxAge: 1000*60*60, ns: 'mynamespace'})
    , cache = new SyncCache({store: mc, load: mySyncFunction })
Sync(function () {
function mySyncFunction () {
  return 'some value';
  • uri - memcached endpoint string, can be passed as a uri property of the options object instead
  • options - an options object
  • uri - memcached endpoint
  • ns - optional namespace
  • maxAge - maximum number of milliseconds to keep items, defaults 60000
  • timeout - operation timeout, defaults 1000

Unit tests: npm test

Integration tests (require local memcached server running on default port): npm run integration