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Symmetry for Backbone.js Build Status

Creating diffs for Backbone.js models with Symmetry is easy. Applying them, however, is not. This module implements a best effort patch function.

Simply apply a patch to a model or collection, and events are fired:

model = new Backbone.Model();
SymmetryBB.patch(model, patch);

For nested objects, either set your models and collections in advance:

scope = {
    people: new Backbone.Collection()
SymmetryBB.patch(scope, patch);

Or replace objects and arrays with similar models and collections:

scope = {
    people: []
scope.people = new Backbone.Collection(scope.people);
SymmetryBB.patch(scope, patch);

While traversing, patch will try to preserve existing models and collections, firing events on them as they change.



In node.js, install using NPM:

npm install symmetry-bb

In the browser, simply include patch.js.

Hacking the code

git clone
cd symmetry-bb
npm install
npm test