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recursively copy directories and files, eventually modifying them in the process


Sylar is a utility function that recursively copies the content of a folder into another location, eventually transforming the content in the process.

Latest version of Sylar is version 0.2.0

  • use npm: npm install sylar
  • or put sylar as a dependency in package.json

Sylar itself depends on :

  • JQDeferred, an automated port of jQuery Deferreds to node
  • fence, a jQuery Deferreds utility,
  • lodash which you probably know about alreay ;)

Once Sylar is installed, require it in your code:

var sylar = require( "sylar" );
sylar( {
src: "path/to/source/folder",
dest: "path/to/destination/folder",
exclude: {
"*.tmp;*.bin;**/inlineImages/**": true
filter: {
"*.css;*.js;*.json"function( content ) {
return _.template( content, data );
} ).done( function() {
console.log( "Eveything has been copied" );
} ).fail( function( error ) {
console.log( "An error occured", error );
} );