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    Swiper - is the free and most modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior. It is intended to be used in mobile websites, mobile web apps, and mobile native/hybrid apps.

    Swiper is not compatible with all platforms, it is a modern touch slider which is focused only on modern apps/platforms to bring the best experience and simplicity.

    Getting Started

    Dist / Build

    On production use files (JS and CSS) only from package/ folder, there will be the most stable versions, build/ folder is only for development purpose.

    Development Build

    Swiper uses gulp to build a development (build) and production (dist) versions.

    First you need to have gulp-cli which you should install globally.

    $ npm install --global gulp

    Then install all dependencies, in repo's root:

    $ npm install

    And build development version of Swiper:

    $ npm run build:dev

    The result is available in build/ folder.

    Production Build

    $ npm run build:prod

    Production version will available in package/ folder.


    All changes should be committed to src/ files only. Before you open an issue please review the contributing guideline.

    Swiper 4.x

    If you are still using Swiper 4.x.x, you may find it in Swiper4 Branch

    Swiper 3.x

    If you are still using Swiper 3.x.x, you may find it in Swiper3 Branch

    Swiper 2.x

    If you are still using Swiper 2.x.x or you need old browsers support, you may find it in Swiper2 Branch


    npm i swiper-src


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