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    Swipe component with touch support, for image carousels or any other content. Try it out the demo in your browser or on your device.


    $ component install component/swipe


    • showing (i, pane): when the transition to another pane begins
    • show (i, pane): when the transition to another pane finishes



    Create a swipe object for el. This should be a container element that wraps a list of several items. View ./example.html for a working example.


    Set the swipe threshold to n.

    This is the factor required for swipe to detect when a slide has passed the given threshold, and may display the next or previous slide. For example the default of .5 means that the user must swipe beyond half of the side width.


    Set the "fast" swipe threshold to ms.

    This is the amount of time in milliseconds which determines if a swipe was "fast" or not. When the swipe's duration is less than ms only 1/10th of the slide's width must be exceeded to display the previous or next slide.


    Set the transition duration, defaults to 300ms.


    Set the cycle interval, defaults to 5000ms.


    This method should be invoked when the swipe element has been resized, or an item has been added or removed.


    Play through all items using the cycle interval.


    Stop playing.


    Is on the first visible item.


    Is on the last visisble item.


    Show the previous item if present, or do nothing.


    Show the next item if present, or do nothing.

    .show(i, [ms], [options])

    Show item with the given index i with the given transition in ms defaulting to the .duration() value.

    You may pass { silent: true } as an option to silence show events.




    npm i swipe

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