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Detecting polygon self-intersection in Javascript

An implementation of the O((n + k) log n) Bentley–Ottmann sweep line algorithm for detecting crossings in a set of line segments. The aim was to make something to speedily detect self-intersecting polygons for client side validation before serialisation and storage, but there's not much to stop it being used serverside (except it being more a statement of intent than actual production ready code).

Despite intending it for the browser, it probably still needs some fettling to make sure the CommonJS-esque code I've written works in your target browser.


  • node.js 0.45
  • expresso
  • underscore


To run the tests, ensure you have node.js and the expresso npm installed:

$ Make test

Note that this implementation currently doesn't validate polygons that share the same start and end vertex. Look at the tests for workarounds to this issue.