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Sweep is a utility that will recursively delete a specified file mask starting from your current directory.


Quiet Mode

 $ node ./sweep.js --quiet --ext bak,tmp,temp,save

Lots of output

 $ node ./sweep.js --ext bak,tmp,temp,save


  • 4/8/2012: Initial Release
  • 4/9/2012: Ignore Symbolic Link's


clone the git project:

 git clone

Make it a system utility (unix)

sudo mkdir /usr/lib/sweep
sudo mv * /usr/lib/sweep/.
sudo chmod +x /usr/lib/sweep/sweep.js
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/sweep/sweep.js /usr/bin/sweep

Make it a system utility (windows)

Create: directory c:\Utils 
Copy:   everything to that directory
Open:   Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings
Click:  Environment Variables
Edit:   In the box that's called 'System Variables' look for the PATH variable and double click
Type:   C:\Utils; (at the start of the line)
Click:  OK
Click:  OK

Platform note

Isn't windows 8 step process so much easier then unix's 4 steps :-)


Inspired by one of my all time favorite DOS applications that shared the same name.
(I think sweep for DOS was about 15 years ago, time for a port :-))