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Typescript port of swedish-holidays a library for calculating the date of all swedish holidays for any given year.

How to install:

$ npm install swedish-holidays-ts

How to use:

import {
} from "swedish-holidays";

// Get an array of all holidays for the current
const holidays = getHolidays();

// Get an array of all holidays for a specific year
const holidays2019 = getHolidays(2019);

// Get an array of all upcoming holidays
const upcoming = getUpcomingHolidays();

// Check if today is a holiday
const isItAHolidayToday = isHoliday();

// Or if you want to check a specific date
const isThisAHoliday = isHoliday(new Date("2019-12-24"));

// Check if today is a public holiday in Sweden (see https://www.riksdagen.se/sv/dokument-lagar/dokument/svensk-forfattningssamling/lag-1989253-om-allmanna-helgdagar_sfs-1989-253)
const isItAPublicHolidayToday = isPublicHoliday();

// Or if you want to check a specific date
const isThisAPublicHoliday = isPublicHoliday(new Date("2021-11-1"));

The result will always be an Array filled with JSON formatted holiday information including name and date.

        name: 'Julafton',
        date: '2019-12-24T00:00:00.000Z',
        day: 24,
        month: 12,
        year: 2019,
        isPublicHoliday: false,
        name: 'Juldagen',
        date: '2019-12-25T00:00:00.000Z',
        day: 25,
        month: 12,
        year: 2019,
        isPublicHoliday: true,

When using isHoliday the result is false if the provided date is not a holiday, otherwise it is the holiday JSON object.

When using isPublicHoliday the result is false if the provided date is not a public holiday.


If you want the holiday names to be returned using a different language than the default (Swedish), use the language JSON object and modify it before passing it to the getHolidays function.

const { language } = require("swedish-holidays");
const translation = { ...language };
// This value is 'Julafton' by default.
translation.christmasEve = "Christmas Eve";

const holidays2019 = getHolidays(2019, translation);
// or if you want the current year
// supply a year that is 'falsy' e.g. undefined / null / 0 / false
const holidays = getHolidays(0, translation);


This library can only return valid holidays for years between 1582 and 8702.

If an invalid year is requested, some holidays will be missing.

Supported Holidays

  • New Year's Day / Nyårsdagen
  • Twelfth Night / Trettondagsafton
  • Epiphany / Trettondedag jul
  • Maundy Thursday / Skärtorsdagen
  • Good Friday / Långfredagen
  • Holy Saturday / Påskafton
  • Easter Sunday / Påskdagen
  • Easter Monday / Annandag påsk
  • Walpurgis Night / Valborgsmässoafton
  • May First / Första maj
  • Ascension Day / Kristi himmelsfärdsdag
  • Swedish National Day / Sveriges nationaldag
  • Pentecost Eve / Pingstafton
  • Whit Sunday / Pingstdagen
  • Midsummer Eve / Midsommarafton
  • Midsummer Day / Midsommardagen
  • All Saints Eve / Allhelgonaafton
  • All Saints Day / Alla helgons dag
  • Christmas Eve / Julafton
  • Christmas Day / Juldagen
  • Boxing Day / Annandag jul
  • New Years Eve / Nyårsafton

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