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Swave is a Javascript audio player library with waveform visualization.

Live Demo: https://bogdan-cornianu.github.io/swave/examples/


npm install swave


let swave = new Swave({audioUrl: 'url...'});

Swave uses Web Audio APIs for visualizations, HTMLAudioElement for audio streaming and a Canvas element to draw the sound bars.
The first argument of the constructor is the html element where the canvas should be drawn.
The second argument is a configuration object:

  • audioUrl: required, the url for the audio to be played
  • autoPlay: false by default
  • crossOrigin: "anonymous" by default
  • showControls: false by default. If enabled, will display the audio element's playback controls

Swave exposes several methods which you can use to build an audio player:

  • play(): starts playing the audio
  • stop(): stops playing the audio
  • pause(): pauses the current playing audio
  • setVolume(number): values between 0.1 and 1
  • enableVisualization(HTMLElement): shows the sound bars
  • disableVisualization(): hides the sound bars
  • getDuration(): the length of the audio, in seconds
  • setCurrentTime(number): set the current time of the audio
  • getCurrentTime(): get the time of the audio as it plays
  • changeAudio(string): the new url of the audio


If you find any bugs or have ideas of how Swave can be improved, please open an issue at https://github.com/bogdan-cornianu/swave/issues
If you would like to contribute code please have a look at our open issues, pick something you like and have fun :)

  • clone the repo
  • npm install to install the dev dependencies
  • npm run start will start the webpack dev server
  • npm run build will build the production bundle
  • fix a bug, implement a feature
  • open a pull request


Cosmin Seviciu https://github.com/ZetCoby

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