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SwaggerValidator will 'lint' the public documentation for your REST Api and verify compliance with the rules outlined in the Swagger Specification.


You'll need to have nodejs installed before installing the SwaggerValidator.

Currently SwaggerValidator is only available on the Pearson NPM server. Install with npm:

$ npm install swaggerValidator

Basic Use

Execute the compliance validation (linting)

Execute swagger output

$ swagger-validator -s <swagger documentation url>

The Linter can also be used programatically two ways.

SwaggerValidator = require("swagger-validator");
swaggerValidator = new SwaggerValidator();

//fetch and validate swagger via endpoint.  'console' is optional and can be left blank if 
//you'd like to refrain from having the reporter dump to the console. 
swaggerValidator.fetchAndValidate('', 'console', callback(result){
    //do stuff here

//pass swagger docs directly to the linter
swaggerValidator.fetchAndValidate(docs, root, callback(result){
    //do stuff here

Getting Help

Contact any of the project contributors by email.


Jeff Marquez Allen Clayton Chris Kelley

Inspiration, History, and Licenses

Things that inspired us

Originally were working an a testing tool that would generate some basic tests based off of Swagger documentation. However we found that Swagger was implemented in so many different (incorrect) ways that it became impossible to complete that project. Now we're putting together this tool so we can get all our swagger docs compliant, then we can pick up that other project again.


version 0.0.1

  • Hijacked some code from the Kranky Kong POC for Swagger Traversal. It was easier than starting from scratch.

Future Plans

  • Implement Linting
  • Make this a module to be used in code not against a command line.


SwaggerValidator is built on node.js and makes use of these modules:

  • lodash (Jeff's favorite)
  • async
  • joi
  • request
  • cli-color (because Color! even though it's currently not being used, it will)
  • commander

Underlying licenses

  • lodash (appears to be MIT)
  • async - MIT
  • joi - MIT-like, some modifications about not using contributors to promote or endorse derived software
  • request - apache
  • cli-color - MIT
  • commander - MIT


npm i swagger-validator

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