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A parser for swagger object properties ,mock data returned by chancejs


version 1.1.13

add fixedArray option,set this true ,array parser will return only one child array

version 1.1.12

detect and fix circular references in schema and return null object

version 1.1.8 ~ 1.1.11

add useExample option,set this true parser will return defined example first

version 1.1.7

break change: return string instead of throw error,objectParser canParse add "node.type == object" judge condition


An example for mocking swagger definition schema

// basic usage 
var Parser = require('swagger-mock-parser')
var parser = new Parser();
var schema = definition.schema;
return parser.parse(schema);
// useExample option 
var Parser = require('swagger-mock-parser')
// set useExample true will return every property's example which has already defined 
var parser = new Parser({useExample: true});
var schema = {type: 'string', example: 'will return example first'}
return parser.parse(schema);

Specifying custom Chance options

Swagger specifies only a few primitive types; for scenarios where specific chance methods are needed, use the x-chance-type field.

        type: string
        x-chance-type: name
        type: string
        x-chance-type: guid

Most of the chance methods allow some fine-tuning of the returned data. For example, the integer method allows specification of minimum and maximum output values. These options can be configured in the Swagger YAML file with the x-chance-options block:

      $ref: '#/definitions/NewPet'
        - id
            type: integer
            format: int64
              min: 1
              max: 1000

A note on types:

All of the primitive types defined in the Swagger specification are supported except for file and password. Currently, the format property is ignored; use x-chance-type instead. The server will error on any request with a type other than one of the primitive types if there is no valid x-chance-type also defined.

Returning Fixed Values

Although not a chance method, support has been added for returning fixed values using x-chance-type: fixed. Any value given for the custom tag x-type-value will be returned; below is an example where an object is returned:

      type: object
      x-chance-type: fixed
        type: 'adopted'