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SVN Interface for Node.js

A programing interface to Subverstion for Node.js. Uses child process spawning to run commands. For SVN commands that support it, this library uses the --xml option and parses the xml returned with xml2js.


Most functions take 3 arguments

  • working copy (wc) or files: (String|Array)
  • options: (Object)
  • The keys should match the options from svn help cmd (without the - or --). The value will be the argument to the command. If an option does not take an argument (like --dry-run) the value should be true.
  • Example: { "username": "bob", "password": "a-secret", 'dry-run': true }
  • If the value is an Array, the values in the array will be joined with a comma (,)
  • There is one exception, the cwd option. The cwd option will be used for resolving relitive paths for files and working coppies.
  • callback (cb): (Function)
  • Optional. Receives (error, result).

All of the functions now return the child process that is spawned.

Currently Implemented svn commands

  • add (files, options, cb)
  • blame (files, options, cb)
  • cat (files, options, cb)
  • changelist (files, name, options, cb)
  • checkout (url, path, options, cb)
  • cleanup (wc, options, cb)
  • commit (files, options, cb)
  • copy (src, dest, options, cb)
  • delete (files, options, cb)
  • diff (files, options, cb)
  • export (files, options, cb)
  • import (files, options, cb)
  • info (files, options, cb)
  • list (files, options, cb)
  • lock (files, options, cb)
  • log (files, options, cb)
  • merge (src, target, options, cb)
  • mergeinfo (src, target, options, cb)
  • mkdir (files, options, cb)
  • move (src, dest, options, cb)
  • patch (file, wc, options, cb)
  • revert (files, options, cb)
  • status (files, options, cb)
  • update (files, options, cb)

For any commands that have not been implemented yet, the _execSVN function is available. _execSVN takes the following:

  • cmd: (String). The svn command you want to use.
  • files: (String|Array). A list of files that will be added to the end (in order).
  • options: (Object) See above
  • callback (cb): (Function) Ditto



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