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Parse svn info.

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install svn-info


This module exports itself as a method you may use to asynchronously get svn info for a given path and revision:

require('svn-info')('path/to/folder/under/svn', 'HEAD', function(err, info) {
  if(err) {
    throw err;

The first argument, the repo path, is optional and will default to the current working directory.

The second argument, the revision, is optional will default to 'HEAD'. Note that if you specify a revision you must also specify a path.

There's also an synchronous flavor:

var info = require('svn-info').sync('my/repo/path', 194);

As with the async version you can optionally leave off the path and revision arguments.

NOTE: You must have the svn command line tool in your path.

NOTE The info object is in camelCased. So this:

'path': '...',
'workingCopyRootPath': '...',
'url': '...',
'relativeUrl': '...',
'repositoryRoot': '...',
'repositoryUuid': '...',
'revision': '...',
'nodeKind': '...',
'schedule': '...',
'lastChangedAuthor': '...',
'lastChangedRev': '...',
'lastChangedDate': '...'

Instead of this:

'Path': '...',
'Working Copy Root Path': '...',
'URL': '...',
'Relative URL': '...',
'Repository Root': '...',
'Repository UUID': '...',
'Revision': '...',
'Node Kind': '...',
'Schedule': '...',
'Last Changed Author': '...',
'Last Changed Rev': '...',
'Last Changed Date': '...'

Release History

  • v0.2.0 2014-07-11 Allow users to specify revision


Copyright (c) 2013 jtrussell
Licensed under the MIT license.