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Renders SVG's to PNG's for a fallback in older IE's and email clients.


This little tools lets you render a folder of SVG's into PNG's.

The conversion part is based on the svg2png from @domenic.

> svgreindeer [input_src] -o [output_dir]
  # custom scaling
> svgreindeer [input_src] -o [output_dir] -s [scale|0.1 4]
  # remove base dir from output
> svgreindeer [input_src] -o [output_dir] -b [base_dir] -s [scale|0.1 4]
  # custom style
> svgreindeer [input_src] -o [output_dir] --style='* { fill: chocolate; }'

Place a svgreindeer.yml within your EXECUTION folder.

verbose: true
input_src: [input_src]
output_dir: [output_dir]
base_dir: [base_dir]
scale: [scale|0.1 4]
style: |
  * { fill: chocolate; }

Feel free to hide your config file by adding a . in front of the filename.

You can set a global custom style that is injected into the svg before rendering. Additionally you can specify a FOLDER_NAME.css or FILE_NAME.svg.css file.


├── icons
│   ├── icon-arrow.svg
│   ├── icon-arrow.svg
│   ├── icon-bubble.svg
│   ├── icon-clock.svg
│   └── icon-clock.svg.css
└── icons.css

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Copyright (c) 2014 Benny Schudel - MIT-License