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An SVG path parser, originally built from the PEG.js grammar specified here, published as an NPM module.

Grammar originally written by Gavin Kistner.




Takes an SVG path string. The following code…

var parseSVG = require('svg-path-parser');
var d='M3,7 5-6 L1,7 1e2-.4 m-10,10 l10,0  \
  V27 89 H23           v10 h10             \
  C33,43 38,47 43,47   c0,5 5,10 10,10     \
  S63,67 63,67         s-10,10 10,10       \
  Q50,50 73,57         q20,-5 0,-10        \
  T70,40               t0,-15              \
  A5,5 45 1,0 40,20    a5,5 20 0,1 -10-10  Z';

…will yield an array of commands that define the path, like so:

[ { code:'M', command:'moveto', x:3, y:7 },
  { code:'L', command:'lineto', x:5, y:-6 },
  { code:'L', command:'lineto', x:1, y:7 },
  { code:'L', command:'lineto', x:100, y:-0.4 },
  { code:'m', command:'moveto', relative:true, x:-10, y:10 },
  { code:'l', command:'lineto', relative:true, x:10, y:0 },
  { code:'V', command:'vertical lineto', y:27 },
  { code:'V', command:'vertical lineto', y:89 },
  { code:'H', command:'horizontal lineto', x:23 },
  { code:'v', command:'vertical lineto', relative:true, y:10 },
  { code:'h', command:'horizontal lineto', relative:true, x:10 },
  { code:'C', command:'curveto', x1:33, y1:43, x2:38, y2:47, x:43, y:47 },
  { code:'c', command:'curveto', relative:true, x1:0, y1:5, x2:5, y2:10, x:10, y:10 },
  { code:'S', command:'smooth curveto', x2:63, y2:67, x:63, y:67 },
  { code:'s', command:'smooth curveto', relative:true, x2:-10, y2:10, x:10, y:10 },
  { code:'Q', command:'quadratic curveto', x1:50, y1:50, x:73, y:57 },
  { code:'q', command:'quadratic curveto', relative:true, x1:20, y1:-5, x:0, y:-10 },
  { code:'T', command:'smooth quadratic curveto', x:70, y:40 },
  { code:'t', command:'smooth quadratic curveto', relative:true, x:0, y:-15 },
  { code:'A', command:'elliptical arc', rx:5, ry:5, xAxisRotation:45, largeArc:true, sweep:false, x:40, y:20 },
  { code:'a', command:'elliptical arc', relative:true, rx:5, ry:5, xAxisRotation:20, largeArc:false, sweep:true, x:-10, y:-10 },
  { code:'Z', command:'closepath' } ]

Alternatively, from version 1.1 on, the module exports multiple functions that you can separately use:

const {parseSVG, makeAbsolute} = require('svg-path-parser');

Absolute Path Commands

Version 1.1 adds the ability to convert an array of path commands into their absolute-coordinate equivalents. This modifies the parsed command objects in place, and also returns the array of commands. Continuing the example above:

const {parseSVG, makeAbsolute} = require('svg-path-parser');
const commands = parseSVG(d);
makeAbsolute(commands); // Note: mutates the commands in place!
[ { code:'M', command:'moveto',                   x0:0, y0:0 x:3, y:7 },
  { code:'L', command:'lineto',                   x0:3, y0:7 x:5, y:-6 },
  { code:'L', command:'lineto',                   x0:5, y0:-6 x:1, y:7 },
  { code:'L', command:'lineto',                   x0:1, y0:7 x:100, y:-0.4 },
  { code:'M', command:'moveto',                   x0:100, y0:-0.4 x:90, y:9.6 },
  { code:'L', command:'lineto',                   x0:90, y0:9.6 x:100, y:9.6 },
  { code:'V', command:'vertical lineto',          x0:100, y0:9.6, x:100, y:27  },
  { code:'V', command:'vertical lineto',          x0:100, y0:27, x:100, y:89 },
  { code:'H', command:'horizontal lineto',        x0:100, y0:89, x:23, y:89 },
  { code:'V', command:'vertical lineto',          x0:23, y0:89, y:99, x:23 },
  { code:'H', command:'horizontal lineto',        x0:23, y0:99, x:33, y:99 },
  { code:'C', command:'curveto',                  x0:33, y0:99 x1:33, y1:43, x2:38, y2:47, x:43, y:47 },
  { code:'C', command:'curveto',                  x0:43, y0:47 x1:43, y1:52, x2:48, y2:57, x:53, y:57 },
  { code:'S', command:'smooth curveto',           x0:53, y0:57 x2:63, y2:67, x:63, y:67 },
  { code:'S', command:'smooth curveto',           x0:63, y0:67 x2:53, y2:77, x:73, y:77 },
  { code:'Q', command:'quadratic curveto',        x0:73, y0:77 x1:50, y1:50, x:73, y:57 },
  { code:'Q', command:'quadratic curveto',        x0:73, y0:57 x1:93, y1:52, x:73, y:47 },
  { code:'T', command:'smooth quadratic curveto', x0:73, y0:47 x:70, y:40 },
  { code:'T', command:'smooth quadratic curveto', x0:70, y0:40 x:70, y:25 },
  { code:'A', command:'elliptical arc',           x0:70, y0:25 rx:5, ry:5, xAxisRotation:45, largeArc:true, sweep:false, x:40, y:20 },
  { code:'A', command:'elliptical arc',           x0:40, y0:20 rx:5, ry:5, xAxisRotation:20, largeArc:false, sweep:true, x:30, y:10 },
  { code:'Z', command:'closepath',                x0:30, y0:10, x:90, y:9.6 } ]

In addition to converting all commands to absolute coordinates, the makeAbsolute function ensures that:

  • Every command has x0 and y0 properties showing the start point for the command.
  • Every command has x and y properties showing the finish point for the command.
    • This makes H, V, and Z commands equivalent to an L command.


v1.1.0 - 2017-Jun-19

  • Add makeAbsolute(cmds).

v1.0.2 - 2017-Mar-1

  • Update package to allow latest PEGJS versions (was locked to v0.7.x).
  • Fix bug preventing parsing errors from appearing for newer PEGJS. (Issue #9)

v1.0.1 - 2014-Oct-30

  • Fix bug that prevented more than two subpaths from being returned.

v1.0.0 - 2014-Oct-12

  • Changed return values to represent each unique path command as its own object, regardless of whether the markup merged them or not. Arguments for a command (e.g. .x) are no longer in a .args array of values, but are instead part of the command object itself.

v0.0.4 - 2014-Oct-10

  • Unroll recursive grammar descriptions that could cause parsing a large path to overflow the stack.

v0.0.3 - 2014-Oct-1

  • Fix bug that prevented parsing some valid documents.

v0.0.2 - 2014-Oct-1

  • Fix parsing of numbers other than integers to work.
  • First moveto command is always absolute.
  • Additional coordinates after moveto are treated as lineto.


This library is released under an MIT-style license. That generally means that you are free to do almost anything you want with it as long as you give a bit of credit where credit is due. See the LICENSE file included for the actual legal limitations.

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