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    This is the Svercle. A small svelte component that produces a configurable superellipse approximation similar to a squircle. The component is based on this REPL (I have yet to find the author, but would like to thank them for all the work).

    Use this as buttons, cards, or any other element that you would like apply a funny shape to. The squircle is, after all, the cutest of all the shapes.

    Why an approximation you ask? In order to keep the generated svg small and reusable I decided to use an eight point approximation (see the REPL link above) which also allows for creating some truly interesting shapes.


    #Grab the package from npm:
    npm install svercle


    This library exports two components. A Svercle component and a SvercleContainer component.

    • The SvercleContainer component is a simple wrapper around the Svercle component equipped with a grid and a slot for your content (makes it easy to use as a button).

    • The Svercle component is the actual component that you can use. It takes a config object as a prop.

    The config object has the following properties: curve, anchor, and fill.

    • The curve property is a number between 0 and 10 that determines the curvature of the superellipse.

    • The anchor property is a number between 0 and 10 that determines the corner sharpness.

    • The fill property is a string that determines the color of the superellipse. All properties are optional, and the curve, and anchor default to 5 and 0 respectively. While fill defaults to #fff.


    	import { SvercleContainer } from 'svercle';
    	let config = {
    		curve: 6,
    		anchor: 0.2,
    		fill: '#e13c6e'
    	<SvercleContainer {config}><span>Click me!</span></SvercleContainer>
    	button {
    		padding: 0;
    		border: none;
    		background: none;
    		cursor: pointer;
    	span {
    		padding: 1rem 2rem;


    This component is licensed under the MIT License (MIT).


    npm i svercle

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