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SvelteKit GraphQL

Opinionated GraphQL server and client setup for SvelteKit applications, utilising Houdini and Yoga.

  • 🔧 Minimal configuration
  • 🎩 Powered by Houdini & Yoga
  • ⚡ Quick & easy setup


SvelteKit GraphQL consists of three parts.


The CLI is used on initial setup to quickly scaffold out a skeleton graphql server in an existing SvelteKit app. It can also be used to add new modules later down the line.

Vite Plugin

The vite plugin adds hooks to vite to run codegen on build, and on the dev server as you change your schemas. It also automatically adds in the houdini vite plugin.

Runtime Package

To avoid needing to manually install and configure many of the dependencies you typically need when working with GraphQL, SvelteKit GraphQL provides a package wrapping and/or exporting these as needed.

Getting Started

The following assumes you already have a SvelteKit app set up and working, and that you are in the root directory of your app in your terminal. If you don't have a SvelteKit app yet, follow the official SvelteKit documentaion to create one and then come back here once that is confirmed working.

Install sveltekit-graphql

npm i -D sveltekit-graphql

Run the script to initialise your repo. It is recommended to commit any pending changes before running this.

npx sveltekit-graphql init

Assuming everything worked as intended, you should now have a working GraphQL setup in your SvelteKit app!

Run the dev server to check if everything is working:

npm run dev

Going to http://localhost:5173/graphql, you should see the Yoga GraphiQL interface.

Next Steps

You can now start building out your GraphQL queries and mutations. The CLI has set you up with the beginnings of a module structure in 'src/graphql/' allowing you to split up your schema into separate areas of concern. You are free to expand on this or simply stay with one module. Check out the Yoga documentation to learn more.

Houdini is set up and ready for you to start making client queries. Check out the houdini documentation to learn more.




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