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🐾 Svelte steps component 🐾

A customizable step component written in Svelte!

  • [x] Bootstrap color theme
  • [x] Icons
  • [x] Animate progress
  • [x] Horizontal and vertical
  • [x] Dumpbells and bar
  • [x] Custom size
  • [x] Custom color
  • [x] Custom font
  • [x] Circle, square and between
  • [x] Left and right



npm install --saveDev svelte-steps

Example Usages

Clone this project and run it. Itself is an example. Take a look at the homepage here. The source file of the demo is at src/routes/index.svelte

Basic Usage

    import { Steps } from 'svelte-steps';
    let steps = [
        { text: 'step one' },
        { text: 'step two' },
        { text: 'the last step' }

<Steps {steps} />

Vertical Steps

NOTE: needs svelte version 3.46.3 or newer

Add vertical props to Steps component.

<Steps vertical {steps} />

You can also use reverse to put text label to the left.

<Steps vertical reverse {steps}>

With Icons

let steps = [
  { text: 'step one', icon: IconMoney },
  { text: 'step two', icon: IconPaperClip },
  { text: 'the last step', icon: IconPerson },

Square Steps

<Steps {steps} borderRadius="0"/>

Custom Color

<Steps {steps} primary="#ff0000" secondary="#ffaaaa"/>

Custom Size

<Steps {steps} size="2rem" line="2px"/>

No Text

let steps = [{ icon: IconMoney }, { icon: IconPaperClip }, { icon: IconPerson }]


<Steps {steps} size="2rem" line="2rem"/>

Use alert and customize icons (NEW)

import Escalation from './YourEscalation.svelt'
    let steps = [
        { text: 'step one' , alert: true},
        { text: 'step two' },
        { text: 'the last step' }
<Steps {steps} alertColor={'#ff00ff'} alertIcon={Escalation} checkIcon={null}>

### Events

    on:click={(e) => {
        last = e.detail.last;
        current = e.detail.current;

Use with Bootstrap

It by default uses --bs-primary, --bs-secondary, --bs-danger, --bs-light, and --bs-dark css variables if they are defined. These css vars are defined in bootstrap css:

<!-- Include Bootstrap css in app.html <head></head> -->


  • steps:
    • Array of object. Length has to be more than 1
    • Required
    • Each item is a step object that can have:
      • text: The text displayed below each steps.
      • icon: A svelte component displayed inside each steps.
      • iconProps: An object that will be passed as props to the icon component.
  • current: current step index. Number. Default 0
  • size: size of the step buttons. String. Default "3rem" ("2rem" for vertical steps)
  • line: thickness of the connecting lines between the step buttons. String. Default "0.3rem" ("0.15rem" for vertical steps)
  • primary: Primary color of passed and current steps. String. Default 'var(--bs-primary, #3a86ff)'
  • secondary: Secondary color of future steps. String. Default 'var(--bs-secondary, #bbbbc0)'
  • light: Primary color of text color in passed anc current steps. String. Default 'var(--bs-light, white)'
  • dark: Secondary color of text color in future steps. String. Default 'var(--bs-dark, black)'
  • borderRadius: Border radius of the step buttons. String. Default '50%' (circle)
  • fontFamily: Font family of the component. String. Default "'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"
  • vertical: Vertical steps. Default false
  • reverse: For horizontal steps, reverse the step from right to the left; for vertical steps, reverse puts text labels to the left. Default false
  • clickable: When set to false, Clicking icons and labels will not change step. You have to change current to change step. Default true
  • checkIcon: User defined check icon for passed steps. If not specified, use the default check mark. Set to null if you don't want a check icon.
  • alertIcon: User defined alert icon for passed steps that has truthful alert property. If not specified, use the default alert icon. Set to null if you don't want an alert icon.
  • alertColor: User defined bg color for passed steps that has truthful alert property. Default 'var(--bs-danger, #dc3545)'


  • on:click(e): click event. Event detail object has two keys:
    • e.detail.current: the index of current step
    • e.detail.last: the index of last step


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