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Svelte Lib Helpers

Svelte Lib Helpers is a utility package designed to streamline various tasks when developing Svelte libraries. It offers a set of subcommands that simplify the process of managing exports, documentation, package distribution, and more.




Install Svelte Lib Helpers as a development dependency using npm/pnpm/yarn/bun:

pnpm i -D svelte-lib-helpers

Sub commands

Svelte Lib Helpers provides the following subcommands to enhance your Svelte library development workflow:


The exports subcommand simplifies updating your package.json by adding or updating all Svelte files in src/lib. This enables efficient imports of individual components and reducing package size for developers.


Generates component documentation for all Svelte files within the src/lib directory. You need to set "homepage" value in your package.json file.

 "homepage": "",

Svelte 5

There are two sub-commands for Svelte 5:

Use docs5 sub-command to extracts props from the content of let { myprops, anotherprops } = $props and creates component docs.

Use docs5FromType sub-command to extract props and default values if you have interface Props:

interface Props {
    children: any;
    drawerStatus: boolean;
    toggleDrawer?: () => void;
    position?: 'fixed' | 'absolute';
    leftOffset?: string | undefined;
    width?: string;
    placement?: 'left' | 'right' | 'top' | 'bottom';
    transitionParams: drawerTransitionParamTypes;

  let {
    position = 'fixed',
    leftOffset = 'inset-y-0 start-0',
    width = 'w-80',
    placement = 'left',
  }: Props = $props();

The above code will produce the following component docs:

[Go to docs](
## Props
@props: children: any;
@props:drawerStatus: boolean;
@props:toggleDrawer?: () => void;
@props:position?:  'fixed' | 'absolute'; = 'fixed';
@props:leftOffset?:  string | undefined; = 'inset-y-0 start-0';
@props:width?:  string; = 'w-80';
@props:placement?:  'left' | 'right' | 'top' | 'bottom'; = 'left';
@props:transitionParams: drawerTransitionParamTypes;
  • Limitation

This lib is not able to handle types with long line. If you are setting the printWidth in .prettierrc file, set it with a proper value.

Format your code before running svelte-lib-helpers.

Svelte 4

The script extract props from export let myprops and creates component docs.


Copies your project's package.json to the dist directory, allowing for seamless distribution of your library.


Generates JSON files containing props, slots, events information from all Svelte files in the src/lib directory, placing them in the routes/component-data directory.

Example Usage

Below is an example of how you can integrate Svelte Lib Helpers subcommands into the scripts section of your package.json file within a SvelteKit project:

"scripts": {
  // ...
    "gen:exports": "svelte-lib-helpers exports",
    "gen:docs": "svelte-lib-helpers docs",
    "gen:docs5": "svelte-lib-helpers docs5",
    "gen:docs5FromType": "svelte-lib-helpers docs5FromType",
    "gen:compo-data": "svelte-lib-helpers compo-data",
    "copy:package": "svelte-lib-helpers package",
    "lib-helpers": "npm run format && npm run gen:docs && npm run gen:compo-data && npm run package && npm run gen:exports && npm run copy:package",
    "package:publish": "standard-version && git push --follow-tags origin main && npm publish"


  • "gen:exports": "Generate and update exports for efficient imports",
  • "gen:docs": "Generate component documentation for Svelte 4",
  • "gen:docs5": "Generate component documentation for Svelte 5",
  • "gen:docs5FromType": "Generate component documentation for Svelte 5 from interface Props",
  • "gen:compo-data": "Generate JSON files with component information",
  • "copy:package": "Copy package.json to the dist directory"

Feel free to adjust these scripts according to your project's needs, incorporating Svelte Lib Helpers to enhance your library development experience.


This project is licensed under the MIT License. For details, please refer to the LICENSE file.

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