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chopsticks (sushi-tool)

This tool has been designed to help you to create and maintain your sushi cards.

With chopstick you can do the following tasks:

  • Init a sushi card project
  • Add sushi cards sheets to your project
  • Start a live mode to see the result of compiling your sushi cards. This live mode use the livereload feature, which refresh your browser automatically every time you save your markdown file.
  • Compile your sushi card markdown files into a set of pdfs or a single one.

Install chopsticks

npm install -g sushi-tool

Use chopsticks

$ mkdir my-sushi-set
$ cd !^
$ chopsticks init

Init command

Initialize a folder to star creating a sushi card

$ chopsticks init

Init command demo

Live command

This mode allow you to edit your sushi cards and see the result in your every time you save your file without the need of refreshing it.

$ chopsticks live

Live command demo

PDF command

This command allow you to render your sushi cards in a set of pdfs or a single one.

To generate a set of pdfs execute the following command in your project folder:

$ chopsticks pdf output_folder

To generate a single pdf add the merge (-m) option.

$ chopsticks pdf -m output.pdf

Live command demo

Sync command

If you create new markdown files, you can update your configuration file using the following command.

$ chopsticks sync


To use the pdf generation you need to have installed phantomjs, install it using npm:

$ sudo npm install -g phantomjs

To merge your pdf filesthe pdfunite command line tool, which uses the poppler library.


Install the poppler-utils package using your package manager.


Install poppler using Homebrew.