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    SurveyJS is a JavaScript Survey and Form Library.

    SurveyJS is a modern way to add surveys and forms to your website. It has versions for Angular, jQuery, knockout, react and vue.

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    SurveyJS Library Documentation

    Live Examples

    SurveyJS Library Live Examples

    Survey Creator / Form Builder

    Create your Survey or Form now

    Survey Creator sources are here

    Export Survey to PDF

    Export to PDF overview

    Export to PDF sources are here

    More info about SurveyJS

    SurveyJS is the most feature-rich Survey / Form Library available at the current moment. It can be easily customized and extended to suit your needs.

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    Main Features

    A lot of question types with a lot of built-in functionalities.

    Multiple Pages Support

    You may create a very complex forms with a lot of pages, like this one.

    Dynamically change survey logic and questions content

    Localization and Multiple language support

    Appearance and custom Rendering

    Frequently used functionalities

    To find out more about the library

    You can use our quickstart repos:

    Getting started

    Install the library using npm.

    Angular version:

    npm install survey-angular

    jQuery version:

    npm install survey-jquery

    Knockout version:

    npm install survey-knockout

    React version:

    npm install survey-react

    Vue version:

    npm install survey-vue

    Or use unpkg CDN:

    You find all versions/builds in the surveyjs/build repo.

    Or dowload a version as zip file from Releases

    If you want to import it in another script:

    import * as Survey from "survey-jquery";

    Building survey.js from sources

    To build library yourself:

    1. Clone the repo from GitHub

      git clone
      cd survey-library
    2. Acquire build dependencies. Make sure you have Node.js installed on your workstation. You need a version of Node.js greater than 6.0.0 and npm greater than 2.7.0. This is only needed to build surveyjs from sources.

      npm install -g karma-cli
      npm install
    3. Build the library

      npm run build_prod

      After that you should have the libraries (angular, jquery, knockout, react and vue) at 'packages' directory.

    4. Run samples

      npm start

      This command will run local http server at the http://localhost:7777 You can open http://localhost:7777/examples/knockout to view KnockoutJS samples, http://localhost:7777/examples/react to view ReactJS samples and so on

    5. Run unit tests

      karma start

      This command will run unit tests using Karma

    WordPress integration

    SurveyJS WordPress plugin


    MIT license


    npm i survey-angular


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