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Live, in-browser detection of modern CSS support for selectors, features, and at-rules. Applies support-based classes, exposes a results object, and allows custom tests.

Inspired by the legacy of Modernizr, this script evaluates a user's browser for cutting-edge modern CSS support beyond the capabilities of @supports.

  • Classes are added to <html> as either supports-[feature] or no-[feature], allowing easier progressive enhancement and build strategies
  • Checks for selectors like :has(), properties like text-box-trim, features like relative color syntax, and at-rules like @layer - see full test suite
  • Allows adding custom tests
  • Exposes a results object to iterate over detected support, as well as individual results for quick conditional checks in JS

SupportsCSS is not a polyfill, it is only feature detection. Continue using tools like PostCSS or LightningCSS for prefixing and other features like syntax lowering. SupportsCSS is a layer on top of those tools.

Installation & Usage

Review the full docs at

Test Suite

Feature Class Global Name Test Condition
at-container AtContainer window.CSSContainerRule
at-container-style-properties AtContainerStyleProperties * See explanation
at-counter-style AtCounterStyle window.CSSCounterStyleRule
at-layer AtLayer window.CSSLayerBlockRule
at-property AtProperty window.CSSPropertyRule
at-scope AtScope window.CSSScopeRule
anchor-positioning AnchorPositioning CSS.supports('anchor-name: --a')
color-function ColorFunction CSS.supports('color: color(srgb 0 0 1)')
color-mix ColorMix CSS.supports('color: color-mix(in lch, white, black)')
container-units ContainerUnits CSS.supports('width: 1cqi')
dynamic-viewport-units DynamicViewportUnits CSS.supports('width: 1dvi')
has Has CSS.supports('selector(:has(+ *))')
(Possible false positive in Firefox 112)
houdini-paint-api HoudiniPaintApi window.CSS.paintWorklet
individual-transforms IndividualTransforms CSS.supports('transform: scale(1)')
logical-properties LogicalProperties CSS.supports('border-start-start-radius: 1px')
media-range-syntax MediaRangeSyntax window.matchMedia('(width >= 1px)')
nesting Nesting CSS.supports('selector(& a)')
nth-of-s NthOfS CSS.supports('selector(:nth-child(1 of .a))')
overscroll-behavior OverscrollBehavior CSS.supports('overscroll-behavior: none')
relative-color-syntax RelativeColorSyntax CSS.supports('color: rgb(from red r g b / 1%)')
scroll-timeline ScrollTimeline CSS.supports('scroll-timeline-name: --a')
subgrid Subgrid CSS.supports('grid-template-rows: subgrid')
text-box-trim TextBoxTrim CSS.supports('text-box-trim: both')
trigonometry Trigonometry CSS.supports('width: calc(1px * cos(1deg))')
user-invalid UserInvalid CSS.supports('selector(:user-invalid)')
user-valid UserValid CSS.supports('selector(:user-valid)')
view-timeline ViewTimeline CSS.supports('view-timeline-name: --a'),
view-transitions ViewTransitions window.ViewTransition

How were these features selected?

Features were selected based on:

  • @supports limitations
  • instability of the spec
  • freshness to the language
  • impact on CSS architecture
  • impact on progressive enhancement


Created by Stephanie Eckles, author of,, and other front-end dev resources.

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