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Superstatic Forms

A simple service for capturing submitted forms via email.

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Client Configuration

Superstatic Forms is configured by providing a JSON object with keys named for a specific form and values as described below. For example, your superstatic.json might have a section like this:

  "forms": {
    "contact": {
      "to":"Company Contact <>",
      "from": "{{email}}",
      "subject":"Contact Received from {{name}}",
      "html":"<b>Name:</b> {{name}}",
      "text":"Name: {{name}}",
    "beta": {
      "subject":"Beta Signup",
      "text":"{{name}} signed up for the private beta."

This would allow a form with method POST and action /__/forms/contact to submit a contact email, and action /__/forms/beta to submit a beta signup email. For example:

<form method="POST" action="/__/forms/contact">
  <label>Name:</label> <input name="name" type="text">
  <label>Email:</label> <input name="email" type="submit">
  <button type="submit">Contact Us</button>

Configuration Options

  • to: (required) Email address of the recipient with optional name. This field cannot be dynamic.
  • from: (required) Email address to mark the email as being sent from.
  • replyTo: (optional) Reply-to address for easy follow-up.
  • subject: (required) Subject of the email.
  • html: (optional) HTML template for the email body.
  • text: (optional) Plain text template for the email body.
  • success: (required only if it's not an ajax request) Redirect URL on successful submission.
  • failure: (required only if it's not an ajax request) Redirect URL on failure.

The subject, replyTo, html, and text fields are all rendered using Handlebars. If you don't supply html or text a simple list of the submitted form information will be added automatically.

Note: To prevent spam and other abuse, the to address is only configurable in superstatic.json. It is not templatable.


You must provide server-side global configuration so that Superstatic Forms is able to send email. This service uses nodemailer in the background, so configuration is based on that.

  from: "",
  transport: 'SMTP',
  options: {
    // ...