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A dialog system and bot engine for creating human-like chat bots.


SuperScript is a dialog system + bot engine for creating human-like conversation chat bots. It exposes an expressive script for crafting dialogue and features text-expansion using wordnet and Information Retrieval and extraction using ConceptNet.

  • Dialog Engine
  • Multi-User Platform for easy integration with Group Chat systems
  • Message Pipeline with POS Tagging, Sentence Analyses and Question Tagging
  • Extensible Plugin Architecture
npm install --global superscript

Visit for all the details on how to get started playing with SuperScript. Or read the wiki

+ hello human
- Hello Bot

+ matches all input types

? matches only question input

- Is the reply sent back to the user.

+ [hey] hello (nice|mean) human
- Hello Bot

[] are for optional words, they may or may not appear in the input match

() are alternate words. One MUST appear.

+ * should *~2 work *1
- I have no idea.

* Matches ZERO or more words or tokens

*~n Matches ZERO to N words or tokens

*n Matches exactly N number of words or tokens

The above is just a tiny fraction of what the system is capable of doing. Please see the full documentation to learn more.

SuperScript is based off of a fork of RiveScript with idiom brought in from ChatScript. Without the work of Noah Petherbridge and Bruce Wilcox, this project would not be possible.

The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright © 2014-2016 Rob Ellis