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Marked with useful extensions:

  • Syntax highlighting (via CodeMirror)
  • LaTeX for maths (via KaTeX)
  • Mentions (just like in a GitHub issue)

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var marked = require('supermarked');
marked('markdown string', options);

Extensions currently supported

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting using CodeMirror is enabled by default for code samples (requires css to actually have an impact). You can control the CodeMirror theme using the theme option, and should include the appropriate CSS for your chosen theme. e.g.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">


To disable syntax highlighting pass {highlight: false} for the options, or to use custom highlighting pass a function for the highlight option.


You can write maths using LaTeX syntax, which will be compiled to HTML using KaTeX. You must start maths expressions with a backtick followed by a dollar sign, and end it with a dollar sign followed by a backtick. You can use two dollar signs for "Display Style" math (i.e. display: block). For this to work, you must also add the KaTeX stylesheet to your page, and ensure that it is in UTF8

<meta charset="utf8">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">


To disable KaTeX pass {math: false} for the options.


You can use service: @user anywhere to mention someone and it will turn into a social link. Supported services are twitter, github, npm, and facebook. All of them are case sensetive and the space between : and @ is optional.

In addition you can specify an '@' service that will then be used for mentions where no service was specified. You can supply a custom service like:

var html = marked(src, {
  services: {
    // by default, see if they are mentioning me and if they are, link to my blog 
    '@': function (user) {
      return user === 'ForbesLindesay' ? '' : null;
    // provide an "example" service 
    'example': '',
    // don't let people use the facebook service 
    'facebook': false


To disable mentions pass {mentions: false} for the options.