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Fast, Elegant subdomain scanner using nodejs


sudo npm install -g subquest

  Usage: subquest [options] <domain to scan>
    subquest -s -r 20 -d top_50
    subquest -s -d all
    -h, --help               output usage information
    -V, --version            output the version number
    -b, --bingSearch         use Bing search to list all possible subdomains
    -s, --server [ip]        specify your custom DNS resolver
    -r, --rateLimit [limit]  set the Rate Limit [Default value is 10]
    -d, --dictionary [type]  set the dictionary for bruteforcing [top_100]

npm install subquest

var subquest = require('subquest');
console.log('Scanning the sub domains of with 4 requests at a time.');
    host: '', // required 
    dictionary: 'top_200'
  .on('end', function(arr){
    console.log(arr); // array of subdomains. 

This scans for the list of all subdomains using the top_200 dictionary.

Want to add a new entry to Subquest's dictionary?

Add your list of subdomain names to the ./dictionary/all.txt file and send a pull request.