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    Electrode Subapp For Preact and Redux Bundler

    This module mainly serve to setup subapp-web with Preact framework, and the support for redux-bundler for Electrode subapps.

    It basically re-exports the module subapp-web and sets it up with Preact specific APIs.

    • For convenience, it also exports preact's h, Component, and render APIs.
    • It adds a new reduxBundlerLoadSubApp API for loading subapps that use redux-bundler.

    ES6 and Modules

    This package only export its code for node.js with main field and ES modules with module field.

    This is neccessary for webpack to do treeshaking when bundling code.

    This module also depend on the app loading polyfills for ES6 libraries and APIs such as Promise or array methods.

    The recommendation is to use

    Babel Runtime

    This package transpile ES6 syntax to ES5 syntax and depend on [@babel/runtime] to provide helpers. It pulls version 7.


    To use, a subapp's code should be doing:

    /** @jsx h */
    import { h, reduxBundlerLoadSubApp } from "subapp-pbundle";
    import Component from "./component";
    export default reduxBundlerLoadSubApp({ name: "MyComponent", Component });

    preact and preact-render-to-string are specified as peerDependencies, so you must install them as part of your package.json dependencies.

    SSR App Context

    This module also exports a default Preact context that SSR uses to pass in server request object to your React component.


    import { AppContext } from "subapp-pbundle";
    const Component = () => {
      return (
          {({ isSsr, ssr, subApp }) => {
            return (
                IS_SSR: {`${Boolean(isSsr)}`} HAS_REQUEST: {ssr && ssr.request ? "yes" : "no"}

    Support for React Router


    Support for SSR with Suspense

    Preact Suspense support is still experimental. TBD.


    Copyright (c) 2016-present, WalmartLabs

    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


    npm i subapp-pbundle

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