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Stylus Type Utils

Much needed Stylus typeography unit coersion and normalization. Provides several common unit conversion functions to convert between types effortlessly and in sync with the content font size.


$ npm install stylus-type-utils --save


To use the stylus-type-utils library within your framework, use @import or use via the Stylus JS API.

base-font-size = 100% // Change to adjust the conversion process
support-for-ie = true // Set to `false` for no `px` output with `rem`

px(unit, ignore-base-font-size)
pt(unit, ignore-base-font-size)
em(unit, ignore-base-font-size)
rem(unit, ignore-base-font-size)
percent(unit, ignore-base-font-size)

When using the functions, omitting a unit type will assume the function unit type. E.g. px(16) -> px(16px).

The second parameter, ignore-base-font-size, allows the function to act as if the base-font-size was to set 100%.

Example Usage

@import "type-utils"

base-font-size = 75%

px(16) // 12px
px(16, true) // 16px
px(16px) // 12px
px(1.2em) // 14.4px
em(16px) // 0.75em

rem(16px) // 12px, 0.75rem

support-for-ie = false // No more px + rem output when using rem function

rem(16px) // 0.75rem
rem(16px, true) // 1rem

base-font-size = 100%

rem(16px) // 1rem