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Sprite generator with stylus


Sprite generator with stylus

npm install stylus-spriting -g

To use you must install the dependencies.

The GM Library is the only dependence that can't be installed with a npm.

Installing a GM Library.


To install I used a homebrew tool. For more instruction of installation go to GM Site.

$ brew update
$ brew install graphicsmagick
$ git clone git://
$ cd stylus-spriting
$ npm install

To use you need do like that:

$ node bin/stylus-spriting --help

Usage: stylus-spriting stylus-spriting path/to/images/*.png [options]


-h, --help               output usage information
-V, --version            output the version number
--image <file>           Name for output image.
--stylus <file>          Name for output stylus.
--class-prefix <string>  Class prefix for stylus.
--debug <boolean>        Debugger mode.