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Stylegud Parser

A holistic parser for generating living styleguides

Stylegud Parser attempts to consolidate other tools that are useful for generating living styleguides. Plugins can be written for any code parser, and currently exist for KSS, and JSDoc.


yarn add --dev stylegud-parser

Configuration Options

These options can be saved in a config file, package.json under the stylegud key, or, if using as a node module, passed directly as an object.

    // Where to pipe output. Default is stdout for cli.
    "dest": "./stylegud.json",

    // Any number of parsers can be specified. Parsers can be specified
    // more than once
    "parsers": [
            // Which parser to use
            "parser": "stylegud-parser-kss",
            // From where to load the data
            "src": [ "src", "assets/css" ],
            // The default renderer to use for this data
            "renderer": "stylegud-renderer-css"
            "parser": "stylegud-parser-jsdoc",
            "src": "src/**/*.js",
            "renderer": "stylegud-renderer-vue"

    // Any number of plugins can be specified, which will post-process
    // the results of the parsing.
    "plugins": [
            // Which plugin to use
            "plugin": "stylegud-plugin-jsify",
            // Plugins have other options they will specify
            "format": "es6"
            // ...


Node Module

const StylegudParser = require('./gulp/styleguide/stylegud-parser');

const stylegudConf = require('./stylegud.json');

new StylegudParser(stylegudData)
    // this writes out stylegud.js which exports an object as `sections` using es6
    .then((data) => {
        let jsonOutputData = data.filter((d) => d.format === 'json);
        let json = jsonOutputData[0].data;
        // do stuff with the json


The CLI takes a single argument: a JSON config file.

stylegud-parser ./stylegud.config.json



Just write regular KSS.


Basic setup


Add an @styleguide tag to anything you'd like imported. The tag should function just like KSS' styleguide tag, and should contain a dot-separated list of sections leading to the current section. eg: components.ui.avatar


@export | @exports

Named exports can be set with all the following syntaxes.

See stylegud-plugin-jsify for an example of how exports can be usefully handled.

 * @styleguide test
export const testItem = 'blah; // exports named as testItem

 * @styleguide test
 * @export
const woo = 'blah;             // exports named as woo

 * @styleguide test
 * exports wheee
export const = 'blah;          // exports named as wheee



Add some data used for rendering different cases of a single element. Data can be formatted as either JSON or a path to a local file:


Specific data you need will depend on the renderer you are using, but for example the Vue renderer will use something like the following. The first line, will be considered a name to display in the UI and the following lines up to the data object will be a description. passing data to the component, and attrs allows attaching non-reactive properties to a component.

 * An avatar component
 * @styleguide components.avatar
 * @data
 * Small avatar
 * A very small avatar, possibly suitable for a mouse
 * {
 *   "user": {
 *       "uuid": "a",
 *       "pic_large": "",
 *       "avatar_moderation_status": "rejected"
 *   },
 *   "alt": "wow",
 *   "current_user_uuid": "b",
 *   "attrs": { "class": "vf-image-small" }
 * }
 * @data
 * Large avatar
 * //...

This should be a path to a file with an array of objects, with the same data structure described above but nested under a datum key. Note that if you wish to specify a name and description, you must specify them in the linked file.

@data ./avatarData.js
@data ./otherAvatarData.json
// ./wow.js
// Note the CJS syntax as this will be imported in NodeJS
module.exports = [
        name: "Small avatar",
        description: "A small avatar, suitable for mice",
        datum: {
            user: {
                uuid: "a",
                pic_large: "",
                avatar_moderation_status: "rejected"
            alt: "wow",
            current_user_uuid: "b",
            attrs: {
                class: "vf-image-small"
        name: "Large avatar",
        // ...

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