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StyleBubble: Use new styled components inside old codebases in splendid isolation

Problem statement

You're starting to introduce styled-components to an existing React codebase that already has quite a lot of CSS/SASS/postCSS. Your styled components are lovely, but they keep going askew because of inherited or top-level element styles. So you have empty wrapper tags to escape CSS rules, or manually set unset in a lot of places, or use all at various levels in subtle and hard-to-reason about ways.

In any case, you will end up with with very specific properties and undocumented interactions that will become tomorrow's mysterious layout tech debt. Or you could use a tiny component with zero nonpeer-dependencies that helps you create the styles you need in the present without creating problems in the future.

Using StyleBubble

npm i style-bubble
yarn add style-bubble
import React from 'react';
import StyleBubble from 'style-bubble';
// deep in the bowels of a legacy enterprise app...
<main className="enormous-page-legacy-styling-that-your-team-does-not-own">
    <section className="foo pony bar baz some__sass__from__2014">
        <StyleBubble resetType="initial">

Less time spent sifting through the ruins of a forgotten styling civilization is also less time spent falling into their traps.

Remember that StyleBubble is designed to protect you from inadvertent inheritance. If you actually do want to inherit some things, StyleBubble is best paired with a ThemeProvider below it.


resetType. Functionality and browser support are as defined by the CSS all spec, defaults to initial.


npm i style-bubble

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