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    A lightweight structured logging tool for Node.js without any dependencies.


    By default this tool will generate logs like the following:

    2022-03-09T19:57:48.962Z [error] i'm an error [/structlog/foo.js:5] thread=MAIN logId=017f705b-4200-0002-1101-720541fa117c 
    2022-03-09T19:57:48.963Z [warn] i'm a warning [/structlog/foo.js:6] thread=MAIN logId=017f705b-4200-0000-e4a6-f1df2ca4f248

    However, you can configure both the log and timestamp formats.


    To use this logging tool, all you need to do is install it:

    yarn add structlog

    And use it like so:

    import { logger } from 'structlog'

    Importing logger will give you a ready-made instance of StructuredLogger with the default config, so you don't need to instantiate a new logger instance each time or pass down references to an instance.

    However, you can configure options by instantiating StructuredLogger yourself, like so:

    import { StructuredLogger } from 'structlog'
    const logger = new StructuredLogger({ timestampFormat: 'unix' })


    You can configure the following options by passing them in an object as a parameter when creating StructuredLogger :

    Option Default value Accepted values Description
    timestampFormat 'iso' 'iso' , 'gmt', 'unix', 'timestring' ,'localestring' Timestamp format to use.
    logFormat '{timestamp} [{type}] {message} [{path}] {tags}' Any string Log format to use {} to define variables. Accepted variables: timestamp, type, message, path, tags.
    pathFormat '{filePath}:{lineNumber}' Any string Format to use for the path component of the log. Use {} to define variables. Accepted variables: filePath, lineNumber, functionName, methodName, typeName.
    useColors false true, false Whether logs should be printed with colors according to the type (e.g. error = red).
    useThreadTagsExtension false true, false An extension that automatically adds a thread tag to the log specifying what thread the log happened in.
    useLogIdExtension false true, false An extension that automatically adds a logId tag to the log, with a unique ID as its value.
    pathStackDepth 0 Any number (Advanced) Level of depth to determine the path portion of the log from. For example, if you write a wrapper over the logger, set this to 1 so that the path will reflect the code that called your wrapper, rather than the wrapper itself.


    npm i structlog

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