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    Welcome to Stripes

    Stripes is a featured, whitespace-insignificant programming language that contains optional functional programming and loose variable type checking. It compiles to JavaScript and therefore, can run any where. If you are looking to learn Stripes or just want some quick documentation, this free book is highly recommended.


    The Stripes programming language has won two awards as of May, 2015.

    • University of British Columbia Award of Computer Science (1st place)
    • Silver medal from the GVRSF


    Stripes contains a lot of brand-new, modern features.

    • Percentages are Data Values
    • String Interpolation
    • Optionally-Functional Programming
    • Optional loose variable type checking
    • Array Ranges
    • Validity Operator
    • Random Operator
    • Stripes Object Notation
    • Easily Readable Numbers
    • Mass Variable Setting
    • Mass Object Transportation and Setting
    • Ternery Notation
    • Repeat loop
    • Iterating over Arrays and Objects
    • Constant global variables
    • Pointers
    • Single-expression functions
    • Instance Operator
    • Classes

    Stripes also has a simple syntax. For those who come from programming backgrounds, there is also a more familiar way to code.

    let a;
    # Sets a to 2 #;
    a is 2;
    # Sets a to 3 #:
    a = 3;

    Get Stripes

    To get Stripes, you can install it via the Node Package Manager.

    $ npm install stripes -g

    Alternatively, you can use Stripes in your HTML by adding the following script:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    To use Stripes in HTML:

    <script type="text/stripes">
      let greeting = "Hello!";
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


    Stripes is open-source software.

    See LICENSE.


    npm i stripes

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