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What this thing does

This is a scaffold for responding to Stripe.

By default it'll send some emails to customers for you. But you can reprogram it to do whatever, plotting world domination or something else.

There is no user interface in stripe-webhook-server - use Stripe's website.


I get tired of typing stripe-webhook-server so it'll be referred to as SWS. It is not affiliated with the Swiss, Swiss cheese, Swiss army knives, etc. but pronouncing it 'swiss' is cool.


  • You have a Stripe account.
  • You're running Node.js >= 8.x.x
  • You are storing the customer's email address in the email field. Otherwise the emails won't work!
  • You are going to use one of Nodemailer's built in services.
  • You like to wear silly hats (optional).


git clone this repo.

Edit public-config.js to suit your needs and rename it to config.js.

lib/webhooks.js is a list of the webhooks you support. If you don't want to do anything with a webhook, leave the function empty or just delete the entry completely. SWS

You might want to take a look if you prefer not to send out the default at Maybe even edit lib/webhook-server.js.

You are good to go for local dev. See the /scripts/ folder for setting this thing up on a VPS.

Modules in use

For your knowledge it's using these


Please branch, fix, and submit pull request.


Copyright 2013 Jeff Parrish

No warranty expressed or implied.

MIT License

NOT officially affiliated with Stripe.