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Convert string with dot notation as a key into json object


Convert a string representation of dot-notion key into json format object. It is particularly useful for converting req.query with dot notation as the key into json.

e.g. a http query like this:
or a req.query like this: 
req.query = { "":"Vancouver", "":1234, ""="New%20York" }
will result in: {"canada":{"bc":{"yvr":{"name":"Vancouver","id":"1234"}}},"usa":{"ny":{"nyc":{"name":"New York"}}}}

$ npm install string-to-json
    var str2json = require('string-to-json');
    var output = str2json.convert({"abc.def.g":2});
    // result: output = {'abc':{'def':{{'g':2}}} 
   var output = str2json.convert({"abc.def.g":2, "abc.def.h":[1,2,3], "abc.def.i":"xxxxx"});
   // result: output = {abc:{def:{g:2, h:[1,2,3], i:"xxxxx"}}} 
  • Take input as JSON format in entire string like this: '{"abc.def.g":123}' which passes JSON.parse();
  • Take input as http query like this: 'abc.def.g=123&abc.def.h=[1,2,3]&abc.def.i=xxxxx'