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Local provider

Test locally! Have a local strider instance test every commit you make.


  • Install in strider: npm install strider-local within the strider directory.
  • Install globally npm install -g strider-local

Then from within any local git repository, you can run strider-local, and it will create a new project in strider and add a post-commit hook to your repository, such that whenever you commit, your local strider box will test your code!

To remove both the project and the post-commit hook, run the .git/remove-strider script.


This should only be used on your local box; in its current form, strider-local will store your username and password in a local file. So only run this with a local strider instance, with a dummy username and password that you don't care about.

In the future, strider will implement Hawk, and this security concern should be mitigated.