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Log messages, events and stdout/stdin (or other) streams

stream-logger is a logger that prints certain levels to an out stream and others to an error stream. It's Based on evented-logger, and defaults to printing to stdout/stderr.


streamLogger(out, err)

Creates a new logger. out and err are two stream objects. log, info and debug levels are logged to the out stream, while warn and error levels are logged to the err stream. If the streams are omitted, process.stdout and process.stderr will be used.

var streamLogger = require("stream-logger");
var logger = streamLogger();
logger.level = "debug";"Hey there"); // Prints to stdout 
logger.error("Oh noes");  // Prints to stderr 
logger.level = "error";"Hmm"); // Prints nothing 


Also: info, debug, warning, error.

If the current log level is log or higher, prints a message to the out stream. See evented-logger <>_ for more information on the logger API


Returns an object with a write method that will indirectly log messages to level. Note that messages written to this stream will not automatically append line-breaks.

var streamLogger = require("stream-logger");
var logger = streamLogger();
var stream = logger.streamForLevel("warning");
stream.write(" noes!\n");
// Prints "Oh noes\n!" to stderr