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Makes JSPM available as a node stream so you can use it in gulp, but since there is no direct depedency on gulp it's not called "gulp-jspm."

command line

npm install stream-jspm --save-dev


var jspm = require("stream-jspm");
var gulp = require("gulp");
var options = {
    args : "", // this string will be appended to command line without modification
    quiet: true
var es6Stream = gulp.src(["src/main/es6/**.js", "src/main/es6/**.es6"])
              .on('error', function(e){
                  console.error("JSPM Build Failed", e.message);


Assume that jspm is installed globally and available from the shell.


JSPM doesn't support streaming, so this writes the output from JSPM to a tempfile and rewrites the vinyl file so the consumer of the stream never knows.

Is it pure streaming? No.

Do you have a project you need out the door and want to use gulp + jspm? Yes.


MIT +no-false-attribs License