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stream-expect is a tool for controlling interactive streams.


$ npm install stream-expect


Checkout the examples for some sample usage.

expect.createExpect(ReadStream, WriteStream, [options])

Returns a new Expect object.

  • ReadStream - Object - A readable stream
  • WriteStream - Object - A writeable stream
  • options - Object
    • timeout - Number - Sets how long to wait before timing out, defaults to 10000

expect.createExpect(DuplexStream, [options])

Similar to above, but stream is both readable and writeable.

expect.spawn(command, [args], [options])

Convenience method for spawning a process, creating an Expect object, and using stdin and stdout for the read and write streams.

In other words this:

var child = require('child_process').spawn(command)
var exp = expect.createExpect(child.stdin, child.stdout)

Could optionally be replaced with this:

var exp = expect.spawn(command)

.expect(regex, callback)

Watch stream for data matching regex. Here are the callback's arguments:

  • err - Error|null - An error object will be returned if expect times out
  • output - String - The output of the stream since method was called
  • match - Array - The results of the successful regex

It's worth noting that regex matches will be non-greedy.


Write to the writeable stream