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    🎛 Strapi + ✒️ Editor.js

    🙉 What it is?

    This is a plugin for Strapi Headless CMS that replaces the standard wysiwyg editor with the cool Editor.js and all its compatible add-ons.

    🍀 Supported official add-ons

    All of the above add-ons (if added) work initially when the plugin is loaded. You can also customize the add-ons available in your application using the instructions below.

    Note: the Image add-on cannot be reconfigured by you personally, this is due to some problems with the work of this add-on. You just better leave it alone.

    🤟🏻 Getting Started

    yarn add strapi-plugin-react-editorjs
    # or
    npm install strapi-plugin-react-editorjs

    For the plugin to work correctly, you need to give Public and Authenticated role access to the plugin API, at the moment it is necessary for:

    1. Link Tool
    2. Image Tool

    ⚙️ How to customize editor (optional)

    If you want to change the look of the editor or remove unused add-ons, you can add a custom Editor.js configuration to override the default settings:

    1. Go to your Strapi folder
    2. Copy template config file node_modules/strapi-plugin-react-editorjs/admin/src/config/customTools.js to extensions/react-editorjs/admin/src/config
    3. Set up extensions/react-editorjs/admin/src/config/customTools.js
    4. Rebuild Strapi
    yarn run build
    # or
    npm run build

    Please note that the add-ons are configured for Strapi, be careful when changing the configuration.

    👨🏻‍🏭 Developing

    1. Personality Tool
    2. Attaches Tool
    3. Full screen mode

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    npm i strapi-plugin-react-editorjs

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