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    Strapi plugin Migrate


    Strapi Plugin Migrate let's you easily transfer user permissions, settings, and layouts between your Strapi instances.

    More info

    For an example, let's consider User Permissions - when you configure User Permissions for routes and roles in, for example, `development`, these settings are stored in your database and therefore are not transferred to your `production` environment.

    Until now normally you would have to manually sync these checkboxes in your target environment. strapi-plugin-migrate enables you to simply export a file from your development environment (or any other) to production (or any other).

    Similarly - strapi-plugin-migrate enables the same for layout configuration and Strapi app Settings.

    Quick start

    1 - Install the plugin in your Strapi project

    npm i strapi-plugin-migrate


    yarn add strapi-plugin-migrate

    2 - Rebuild your Strapi app and clean your cache

    yarn build --clean && yarn dev


    npm cache clean --force && npm run dev

    3 - Go to your Settings > Dashboard (in the new Migrate section)

    4 - Export your data by downloading a JSON file or Copying the Text string

    5 - Import your data in the target environment

    Control access to the settings

    By default, only admin panel users with Super Admin-role are able to access the settings of this plugin. Due to Strapi's restrictions you can't change this behavior if you are using the free Community Edition. When using Enterprise Edition you're able to adjust the settings for this plugin on the edit page of a role under Settings > Administration Panel > Roles > Select a role > Settings tab > Migrate. More information can be found here.

    Updating to new version

    When updating to a new version, you will need to rebuild your Strapi admin UI for the changes to take effect.

    This is how we would update to the latest version:

    from your Strapi project root folder:

    yarn add strapi-plugin-migrate@latest && yarn build --clean

    Contributing to/Developing this plugin

    Thank you for considering to contribute! To find out please read the

    Please make sure you read the contirbuting guide before making a PR.


    Parts of the initial concept for a module in users permissions file JSON export was inspired by @Alan2207


    npm i strapi-plugin-migrate

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