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Strapi is an open-source Node.js rich framework for building applications and services.

Strapi enables developers to focus on writing reusable application logic instead of spending time building infrastructure. It is designed for building practical, production-ready Node.js applications in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

The framework sits on top of Koa. Its ensemble of small modules work together to provide simplicity, maintainability, and structural conventions to Node.js applications.

Install the latest stable release with the npm command-line tool:

$ npm install strapi -g

We advise you to use our Studio to build APIs. To do so, you need to create a Strapi account. Go to the Strapi Studio to signup. Studio is dedicated to developers to build applications without writing any single line of code thanks to its powerful set of tools.

After creating an account on the Strapi Studio, you are able to link your machine to your Strapi Studio account to get access to all features offered by the Strapi ecosystem. Use your Strapi account credentials.

$ strapi login

You now are able to use the Strapi CLI. Simply create your first application and start the server:

$ strapi new <appName>
$ cd <appName>
$ strapi start

The default home page is accessible at http://localhost:1337/.

The Strapi ecosystem offers you two possibilities to create a complete RESTful API.

$ strapi generate api <apiName>

For example, you can create a car API with a name (name), year (year) and the license plate (license) with:

$ strapi generate api car name:string year:integer license:string

The Strapi Studio allows you to easily build and manage your application environment thanks to a powerful User Interface.

Log into the Strapi Studio with your user account ( and follow the instructions to start the experience.

Simply manage your APIs and relations thanks to the Strapi Studio