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    Learn to Code JavaScript (Node) with Story Game Programming

    Welcome. This is the full sample JavaScript (Node, ES6) source from our book Learn to Code with Story Game Programming. Cloning and copying this source should prove easier than keying it in from the book. If you help others learn in any way we'd love to hear from you and see how we can help (for fee or free). If you have a suggestion or have found a bug in any of this code or even the book itself please open an issue here.


    Under the terms of the BSD-2-clause license you may use this code in any way you want provided the LICENSE file is included exactly as it is here. Please make sure copyright is also visible in any attribution screens you have. If you modify anything (which is encouraged) make sure to license your changes under your own terms.

    When using and presenting this code (or anything inspired by it) to others. We would appreciate a mention.

    Please also be sure to call out any specific changes you have made to anything. Such changes must be identified to prevent confusion with the original SkilStak code.


    We recommend installing locally so you can tinker around with the code or use it as boilerplate for your own:

    mkdir sample
    cd sample
    npm install storygame-sample-nodejs

    If you just want to play it:

    npm install -g storygame-sample-nodejs


    If you would like help setting this up for yourself personally and getting answers to your questions beyond what is covered by the book please feel free to email and we'll see what we can do for you. Support includes helping you find a meetup to program where you live, sign up for offerings here in Cornelius, North Carolina, or acquire training in setting up your own learning program wherever you are.


    npm i storygame-sample-nodejs

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