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    Storybook builder for Vite and Vue 2

    Build your stories with vite for fast startup times and near-instant HMR.

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    • Vite 2.5 or newer
    • Storybook 6.4.0 or newer
    npm install storybook-builder-vite-vue2 --save-dev


    yarn add --dev storybook-builder-vite-vue2


    pnpm add --save-dev storybook-builder-vite-vue2

    Note: when using pnpm, you may need to enable shamefully-hoist, until can be fixed.


    In your main.js configuration file, set core: { builder: "storybook-builder-vite-vue2" }.

    For autoreload of react stories to work, they need to have a .stories.tsx or .stories.jsx file suffix. See also #53

    The builder supports both development mode in Storybook, and building a static production version.

    If you were previously using @storybook/manager-webpack5, you'll need to remove it, since currently the vite builder only works with manager-webpack4, which is the default and does not need to be installed manually.

    Customize Vite config

    The builder will not read your vite.config.js file by default.

    In .storybook/main.js (or whatever your Storybook config file is named) you can override the Vite config:

    // use `mergeConfig` to recursively merge Vite options
    const { mergeConfig } = require('vite');
    module.exports = {
      async viteFinal(config, { configType }) {
        // return the customized config
        return mergeConfig(config, {
          // customize the Vite config here
          resolve: {
            alias: { foo: 'bar' },
      // ... other options here

    The viteFinal function will give you config which is the builder's own Vite config. You can tweak this as you want, for example to set up aliases, add new plugins etc.

    The configType variable will be either "DEVELOPMENT" or "PRODUCTION".

    The function should return the updated Vite configuration.


    Configure your .storybook/main.ts to use TypeScript:

    import type { StorybookViteConfig } from '@storybook/builder-vite';
    const config: StorybookViteConfig = {
      // other storybook options...,
      async viteFinal(config, options) {
        // modify and return config
    export default config;

    Or alternatively, you can use named exports:

    import type { ViteFinal } from '@storybook/builder-vite';
    export const viteFinal: ViteFinal = async (config, options) => {
      // modify and return config

    See Customize Vite config for details about using viteFinal.

    Note about working directory

    The builder will by default enable Vite's server.fs.strict option, for increased security. The default project root is set to the parent directory of the storybook configuration directory. This can be overridden in viteFinal.

    Getting started with Vue2 Vite project

    npx sb@next init --builder storybook-builder-vite-vue2 && npm run storybook

    Known issues

    • HMR: saving a story file does not hot-module-reload, a full reload happens instead. HMR works correctly when saving component files.
    • Prebundling: Vite restarts if it detects new dependencies which it did not know about and needs to pre-bundle. This breaks within storybook, with confusing error messages. If you see a message in your terminal like [vite] new dependencies found:, please add those dependencies to your optimizeDeps.include in viteFinal. E.g. config.optimizeDeps.include = [...(config.optimizeDeps?.include ?? []), "storybook-dark-mode"],. Vite 2.9.0+ may improve this behavior.


    The Vite builder cannot build itself. Are you willing to contribute?

    Have a look at the GitHub issues for known bugs. If you find any new bugs, feel free to create an issue or send a pull request!

    Please read the How to contribute guide.

    About this codebase

    The code is a monorepo with the core storybook-builder-vite package, and examples (examples/vue) to test the builder implementation with.

    Similar to the main storybook monorepo, you need yarn to develop this builder, because the project is organized as yarn workspaces. This lets you write new code in the core builder package, and instantly use them from the example packages.




    npm i storybook-builder-vite-vue2

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