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Sticky maps are maps that are not slippy maps. Meaning, if you want to use tiles or imagery that are typically rendered in a slippy map, but you don't need users to be able to interact with the rendered map, create a sticky map.

For example, if you wanted to embed a map of the state of Montana in a web page using imagery from Mapbox, you could do this:

var map = stickymap({
  width: 500,
  clip: geoJson, // <- GeoJSON representing the state of Montana 
  layers: [{
    url: 'https://{a-d}{z}/{x}/{y}.png'
document.body.appendChild(map); // map is a Canvas element 

sticky map


The stickymap function takes a map configuration and returns a Canvas element with the rendered map. The map configuration properties are described below.


The width (in pixels) of the map. Either width or height (or both) must be provided.


The height (in pixels) of the map. Either width or height (or both) must be provided.


A GeoJSON object (of any type) or bounding box ([minLon, minLat, maxLon, maxLat] array) that will be used to calculate the extent of the map. Either fit or clip must be provided.


A GeoJSON object (of any type) used as a clip path when rendering the map. Areas outside clip will not be rendered.


Optional callback that will be called when the map finishes rendering. The callback will be called with an Error if any resources failed to load during map rendering.


An array of layer configurations. Layers are rendered from tiled imagery or from a single image.

Tiled layer properties

Tiled layers must have a url or urls property. An array of urls can be provided to fetch tiles from more than one subdomain (for example). URLs must include {x}, {y}, and {z} placeholders. If a single url is provided, it can include a range of numbers or characters that will be used to expand the URL into an array of URLs ({0-4} or {a-d} for example).

Tiled layers can have an optional maxZoom property to configure the maximum zoom level for requesting tiles. For example, if a tile set is only available up to zoom level 15, set maxZoom: 15.

Image layer properties

Layers can be rendered from a single image by setting untiled: true. Image layers must have a bbox property that describes the bounding box ([minLon, minLat, maxLon, maxLat]) of the image. In addition, untiled layers must have a url property with the URL of the image to be rendered.

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