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    stencila/libcore : core function library

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    This the Stencila Core Library, a library of functions that are built in to Stencila's Mini language. It is to Stencila what Excel functions are to Excel, the Python Standard Library is to Python, the R Base Package is to R, etc, etc.

    Want to see a list of functions currently implemented in Stencila? Check out our list of functions here.

    Want to contribute a function to Libcore? More on contributing to Libcore here.

    Stencila functions can be implemented, and used, in a variety of languages. Mini is intentionally simple. Instead of trying to be a complete programming language, it focuses on being a "glue" between other languages. This allows functions to be implemented using the best language for the job. And when a function is implemented in multiple languages, this approach allows for the optimization of function calls based on implementation speed and data location. Learn more about Mini here.


    A folder for cordinating design and implementations of functions across langages.


    Create the Javascript function in the relevant ./src/*.js file with the same name as the function e.g. function sum(x)... for

    If your implementation overloads parameter types then you will need to handle that in the implementation.

    Currently, the following are available in the global environment:


    Run all tests in Node.js:

    npm test

    Run all tests in the browser:

    npm run test-browser

    then open test/index.html.

    To watch source code and run tests on changes use the -w flag to make.js

    node make test -w
    node make test:browser -w


    You can try out functions in the browser developer console by building the distribution:

    npm run build

    then open index.html.




    npm i stencila-libcore

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