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Stats Server for Node Applications

Create a /stats page http-server for a server application

Fire up an http server that you can query for stats on a running node process


var stats_page = require('stats-page');
stats_page.listen(port, [host], [callback]);


To create a stats server for your application use the following code

var stats_page = require('stats-page').listen(8745);

This will fire up a stats server on port 8745 that you can query

$ curl -sS localhost:8745/ | json

This returns the next route you can query

$ curl -sS localhost:8745/process | json

Then drill in further to get some meaningful information

$ curl -sS localhost:8745/process/argv | json
$ curl -sS localhost:8745/process/memoryUsage | json
  "rss": 14368768,
  "heapTotal": 5343936,
  "heapUsed": 2799240
$ curl -sS localhost:8745/process/uptime | json
$ curl -sS localhost:8745/process/version | json
$ curl -sS localhost:8745/ping | json

NOTE: stats-page will listen on by default (as does http.createServer), you can specify a second argument to the start method of 'localhost' to restrict access.


You will no doubt have information specific to your app that you would like to expose. You can add your own routes using the addRoute function

stats_page.router.addRoute('/custom', function(req, res) {
  res.end('My Custom Route');

then when you query

curl -sS localhost:8745/custom | json
My Custom Route

you will get your data

The addRoute function is provided by the routes module


npm install stats-page


Are there any other meaningful routes than /process ?

process had the easiest stats to expose. If you have any more stats that are generic enough to expose fork and make a pull request.

Does this work with connect/middle-ware/express/some framework?

I don't know.

Is this information safe to leave exposed?

Short answer: no. Process information like this can be a security concern, especially having information like ENV variables visible. It's your job to make sure this host is properly ACL'd if exposed externally, or to lock this down to localhost.


MIT Licensed