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statisch is a dead simple static website generator with no fancy extras and magic in it. It uses marked for markdown parsing and mustache.js for easy templating.


statisch is swiss-german and means static.


To install statisch simply run: npm install -g statisch

The config file

To use statisch in a new project you just have to have a statisch.json config file.

    "siteDir": "content",
    "indexFile": "index.html",
    "outputDir": "public"

These 3 properties are the only ones that must and can be set. The siteDir is the directory where the single sites are located. These have to be written in markdown.

Basically you have one index.html where you have defined all your website structure and design. This is the one file that you have to specify as the indexFile in your statisch.json config file.


These sites are written in markdown and can have the extension .md or .markdown. They are being parsed and pasted into the specific part of your indexFile.

These sites have to have a front-matter in it, that means you can (and have to) specify some meta information for your sites.

title: About us
link_title: About us
slug: about-us


The index file is your normal index.html. You just have the ability to access some attributes via mustache.js.

For an example see the example folder.

Generate the site

To generate the site simply run statisch in your directory where the statisch.json config file is located. It then generates the static site in your specified outputDir.

Ordering the sites

If you have multiple sites and you want to order them, simply prefix their filename and the parser will take care of the rest. See the example for this.




npm i statisch

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