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Statikk NPM statikk package

A simple and secure server for static files.

There are two smart security defaults set:

  1. Your .git files are not exposed. (Whereas ALL other simple http servers do expose this security concern (except serve))
  2. The server isn't accessible outside of localhost. Other folks on your network won't be able to browse it via your internal IP.

Also, if you don't specify a port it'll be deterministically generated based on your working directory. 🎉

Command line usage

$ npm install -g statikk
$ cd ~/Sites/
$ statikk

Then head to http://localhost:XXXXX/ to see the contents of ./ served over HTTP.

Command line options

  • hidden: allow transfer of hidden files.
  • expose: expose server to hosts other than localhost.
  • port: custom port. If not specified, it'll use a port automagically based on process.cwd(). (So different projects use different ports!)
  • open: Open the hosted URL in your default browser. (Only supported on Mac OS!)
  • cors: Add CORS headers
  • coi: Add cross-origin isolation headers (more)

All non-port options default to false.


// Start server at http://localhost:9000 serving ./
$ statikk --port 9000

// Start server at http://localhost:60384 (perhaps) serving ~/Sites/project
$ statikk ~/Sites/project

// Start server at a deterministically-chosen port based on the working directory, and open the browser
$ statikk --open


This project is a fork of...

The original project doesn't correctly exclude all hidden files, which is why I've forked and republished. ~paul irish. june 2017.


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